Mysterious Source Sent 1650 Bizarre Signals To Earth In 47 Days

The greatest group of radio bursts was collected by a team of scientists led by Professor Li Di and Dr. Wang Pei of the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ National Astronomical Observatory.

They arrived in a matter of minutes. At the same time, the source of the signals is in deep space and is yet unknown. Nature published a report on it.

FRB, or Fast Radio Burst, is a particular term for fairly fast radio communications, the origin of which is unknown.

In 2007, similar signals were recorded for the first time. They have a pretty intense burst of energy that lasts only a few milliseconds.

Experts previously believed that such signals may be extremely isolated, but recent events demonstrate the reverse.

Many bursts are repeated multiple times with some regularity. Astronomers took note of such an occurrence. The Earth experienced 1,652 rapid radio bursts in just 47 days.

This occurrence was designated as FRB 121102. To date, this group of signals is thought to be the most extensive known to specialists.

A dwarf galaxy could be a probable source of transmissions. The abundance of signals emitted by it suggests the presence of a “permanent radio source.”

Experts further note that forecasting the activity of FRB 121102 is quite difficult. Some feel the event is affected by a “seasonal” component.

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