Mysterious Reptilian Creature Was Filmed in The Drainage of UK

According to several stories, exotic types of life exist beneath the Earth. In any event, those stories are largely limited to the internet and never reach a global audience. There are many stories about monsters that originate from hell and have been with us from the beginning of time.

The most contentious video in YouTube history is one depicting a Reptilian species filmed at a British museum. However, four videos similar to this one have been published on YouTube.

A business named United Utilities, which is in charge of water in the United Kingdom was in charge of uploading the recordings.

Many conspiracy theorists began to debate and study the photographs, alleging that it was, in fact, a Reptilian monster. The Leigh Journal was the first to collect and analyze the photographs.

According to Mike Wood, manager of United Utilities’ sewer system, several staff had reported sightings of some unusual creature, so they began to check the entire network of pipes.

As the videos grew in popularity, the hypothesis that it was a reptile began to acquire traction among the general population.


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