Mysterious Mars Anomaly – Egyptian-Style Ancient Statues Were Spotted on Mars

The field of archaeology has gone digital. By examining photos given by organizations such as NASA, virtual archaeologists are continuously discovering spectacular artifacts or even odd buildings on Mars.

It appears that there was once a vast quantity of life on Mars and that it was highly evolved and developed.

Some sculptures and tombs have recently been discovered. Scott Warring uncovered something that looked quite similar to the Egyptian Pharaohs’ sarcophagi once more. To make the sculptures more noticeable, he raised the contrast on them.

Warring’s conclusion was obvious: on Mars, there existed an ancient and ultra-advanced civilisation that came to Earth for some reason and was adopted by the Ancient Egyptians as gods.

This hypothesis is not new, as you may have seen. The fact that Egypt was the most advanced society at the time, as well as the topographical circumstances being quite similar to those of Mars, may explain why they picked Egypt as their deployment location.

On Mars, further evidence of a probable ancient civilisation was discovered. For example, they discovered a tomb that resembled the Japanese Kofun. Ufologists now recall the weird Martian figure that looked like an Amazonian.

What are the chances? Perhaps the Amazons descended from the Martians?

The majority, however, is suspicious of such views, and Scott Warring is seen as a fantasist. However, we see that the Taiwanese ufologist’s official website is filled with positive comments and support.


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