Mysterious “Creature” Filmed by NASA’s Curiosity Rover on Mars

Let’s be honest here, as far as technological developments go there will never be a better version of the Curiosity Rover out there. NASA has made a lot of mistakes in the past but creating the Curiosity Rover is definitely not one of them.

We’d like to believe that the Curiosity Rover is on our side, as it clearly discovered more proof of aliens out there than most any human throughout history.

Take for example this most recent discovery which came to us from a random expedition that the Curiosity Rover undertook.

This is not just a rock you’re looking at right here, it is actually a crab-like creature that the Curiosity Rover appears to have spotted on camera.

Many believe that it has tentacles coming out of it while others believe that those are spikes instead. Regardless, it does resemble a crab from Earth, doesn’t it?

Some even believed that the rock itself appears to stand out slightly which would imply that the Martian dwellers are actually the rocks themselves and they use the crab-like accessory to attract their prey.

There are also some believers that claim that this planet’s atmosphere is so harsh that it could definitely petrify some creatures if they weren’t lucky enough to get to shelter on time. If this is the case then this could definitely be a good discovery to bring back home!

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