Mysterious Cave with Stairs Found in Antarctica With the Help of Google Earth (video)

As we all know by now, archaeologists never rest. They make discoveries on the daily, as they appear to be able to help us uncover more and more about our own history as time moves on.

The only problem that these archaeologists encounter most of the time has to do with the fact that they cannot actually afford to undergo the excavations and so their discoveries go unseen.

We can only imagine the frustration that comes with this. Luckily there is a new way of checking out a place without spending as much as a dime and that is virtual archaeology.

By looking through apps like Google Earth these new-age archeologists are able to spot new sites with relative ease. Such is the case of today’s discovery which takes us all the way to the mysterious frozen lands of Antarctica.

People all around the globe have been shocked to find out that what appears to be a huge entrance to a cave has been spotted in Antarctica by the virtual archaeologists. Many believe that it is the entrance to the Hollow Earth, or perhaps it leads to a mysterious military base. We don’t know if it’s modern or ancient.

Many believed that it is just big enough for an aircraft to pass through so it could be an underground base for aliens to come through maybe? Nobody knows for sure and since we cannot go there ourselves to check it out because of the extremely dangerous environment, we can only hope that we are wrong about it and that it is nothing, to begin with.

But in case we did stumble across a mystery that’s too much even for us to process, what do you think it could possibly entail? Is it the entrance to the Hollow Earth after all? Aliens? Military? Tell us all about it below.


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