Mysterious Ancient Artifact Found And Scientists Can’t Tell Its Origin – The Galactic Disk

The “Galactic Disk”, a bizarre relic, was discovered at the Peruvian Metropolitan Museum. No one knows its purpose or origins because it has not been examined by any specialist or scientist. The artifact was never submitted for carbon analysis to determine its date of construction. But conspiracy theorists continue speculate as to who or when it was created.

Its form is believed to be an example of extraterrestrial spacecraft. Others argue that it is a map to our galaxy because one point corresponds the Solar System’s position in the Milky Way.

One theory suggests that the disk was made in ancient India by Hindus who had information from another civilisation. For example, the Mahabharata which tells the story about how God came to Earth, and how they ended with a nuclear war.

It is important to note that the gods in any epic constantly fight between themselves, which gives the feeling of flaws. Although there may not be an actual God, there are many aliens whose traces can still be found on the planet.

This type of relic, which is not accepted by science as evidence of aliens on Earth, is considered worthless and end up in museums.

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