Mysterious Alien-Like Being Was Recorded In Iceland at a Waterfall

Today, many inventions are the result of a complete accident, and this is a reality. As much as we’d want to believe that we’ve prepared for the majority of them, the truth is that ordinary people witness almost as many unexpected events as specialists.

When Vigdis Howser Harardóttir scrambled over the side of the cliff at Iceland’s Dettifoss waterfall, for example, he had an amazing experience of his own.

When he looked down from a vantage point, he noticed this strange creature dangling over the edge of the mountain.

As you can see in the videos, the creature is completely black and is emerging from behind the cliff.

What’s essential to note here is that this thing, whatever it is, appears to be scaling the cliff with ease, which is no easy endeavor, especially as Vigdis was unable to get much closer to the edge, since he would easily slide away from his doom.

There were also no helicopters, insects, or plastic bags in the area, indicating that no one had ever gone to the place he discovered.

What do you think this strange humanoid creature was? Do you think he’s an extraterrestrial, or might he be an inhabitant of the waterfall?


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