Mysterious Alien-Humanoids Are Walking Among Humans – Surveillance Footage Analysed

The truth that aliens are among us is no longer a mystery.

The aliens are shapeshifters, and humans can’t see them for who they truly are because they wish to go unnoticed by the sheeple populace.

Cameras can see things that the naked eye can’t. Two extraterrestrial humanoids are seen wandering in this CCTV film, clothed regularly, but their faces do not appear to be human.

Aliens and Reptilians employ Crystal Holographic Technology to conceal their true identities, and they function at a lower frequency than humans, which our senses cannot detect.

REMEMBER TO OPEN YOUR MIND! It is a well-known truth that they live among us!

NOTE: I do not want Reptilians, Shapeshifters, or other bad beings to make nasty comments on this article or any of our stuff.


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