Mysterious 12.000-Year-Old Elongated Skulls Were Recently Found in China

An excavation in China has uncovered what appear to be the world’s earliest human skulls. These skulls demonstrate that humans at the period used to artificially lengthen their heads as part of a ceremony.

More than 25 skeletons were unearthed in Houtaomuga, the place where they were located.

Skeletons spanning from 5000 to 12000 years ago have been discovered. The skulls of eleven of the skeletons are egg-shaped. Five of them belonged to adults, four to males, and one to a woman.

Many of the bones were discovered buried with pottery and other items, suggesting that they came from an affluent family.

According to experts, cranial deformation has been done in that area for around 7000 years.

Because the skull is softer and pliable throughout childhood, this technique is usually done during that time. The head was frequently wrapped firmly in fabric to make the skull appear longer. They do resemble extraterrestrials, don’t they?

Finally, because the elite or higher levels of society used to symbolize the gods who previously visited our planet, only affluent families participated in this ceremony.

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