Men in Black Really Exist – A Strange US Air Force Memo Suggests

UFO seekers have had to deal with the enigmatic Men in Black throughout the years.

According to John Keel, Men in Black are persons who act as military commanders with the intent of suppressing the UFO mystery inquiry, reducing the credibility of those participating in such investigations, and instilling terror in witnesses.

A previous US Air Force report corroborates this, stating that the branch and the Blue Book Project were aware of these black guys and had recorded multiple occasions in which they intimidated UFO witnesses and seized photographic evidence.

What our fans have to say:

“I’ve seen the guys in black and they absolutely exist, but not in the context of UFOs. You will encounter these folks if you are one of the unlucky ones working on a SAP. I’m not sure why they dress in all black and have such a commanding presence, but they do… they don’t only deal with UFOs, they deal with black projects in general. It all sounds a little over-the-top and somewhat comical to me, but these men are dead serious, and I’m quite sure they have carte blanche to do whatever they want.”

“They’re also in Canada… their attitudes are out of this planet… simply ignore them like a nightmare… did I or didn’t…(?)”

Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think.


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