Meet Carl, He Is The Man Who Claim He Traveled 163,000 Light-Years With The Alien Ausso One

According to one story, a gunman purported to observe an intruder inside the Medicine Bow National Forest. The tracker eventually grabbed the alien and took him back to his homeworld.

All of this occurred on October 25th, 1974, when a single guy attempted to kill a deer but instead shot the disguised spacecraft right in front of his eyes.

The extraterrestrial voyager from outer space has no collar, no ears, tiny eyes, three large fangs, and two antennas. The UFO was clothed strangely for its humanoid physique in a weird outfit.

After initiating contact, the alien disclosed his name was “Ausso One,” and he denied his offer of a trip in a space car.

The astronaut claimed that after traveling 163,000 light-years away from Earth, he began to lose his memory after a few days. He awakened tied to his seat, aware that he was not meant to be completing this phase.

As he walked back to his truck, he proclaimed his finding to everyone. Unfortunately, because he was evidently drunk at the time, he had difficulty describing what had transpired.

The defendant also hides a flattened bullet in his pants as proof that he did not make everything himself, as many people thought.

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