Maybe We Share The Earth With The Inner Inhabitants

As the title suggests, many experts believe that the world is not as it seems as we are not the only intelligent inhabitants of this planet.

No, we’re not talking about the dolphins and their superior intellect right here, and although they are clever little buggers, we’re talking way smarter than that, most likely even smarter than us at the end of the day.

The Inner Inhabitants have been mentioned on several forums online as it appears like there is more and more proof out there of there being an Inner World inside of our planet after all.

Many experts believe that the entrance inside of this Hollow Earth lies somewhere in Antarctica of all places as more and more scientists come to agree to this to say the least.

First off, we have Dr. Elmond Halley, one of the most prestigious experts out there.

He discussed the possibility of every planet out there being hollow stating the fact that our planet is no exception.

If that weren’t enough, back in the 1700s Leonard Euler also discussed the possibility, even bringing up the fact that there might be a world inside of our Sun too as far as we know.

Captain John Cleves Symmes was one of the believers too as it is said that he convinced James McBride back in the 1800s that the Inner Earth was real after all.

William Reed published a book on this theory named “The Phantom of the Poles” which was quite popular back in 1906.

Whether you like you or not more and more people are beginning to wake up as it appears like our world is becoming more and more accustomed to the truth.

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