Manna Machine: Strange Alien Technology That Produced Food For Israelites For Alsmost 40 Years

What was the mystery substance that God gave the Israelites to help them survive 40 years of famine in the wilderness? Food (edible material) delivered by God during the Exodus of the Israelites is referred to as manna in the Hebrew Bible.

The Bible mentions the Jewish people’s suffering in Egypt. It tells how the Israelites were able to escape slavery in Egypt and reach the Promised Land. They needed to travel via the Sinai Desert. And, as a result of a large number of Israelites and the scarcity of food in the desert, they ran out of supplies. God brought down “Manna” from heaven at this moment to keep the inhabitants from starvation.

Manna was described as a seed when it fell to Earth. These seeds were linked the day after they landed on the ground. Manna provided sustenance for the Israelites every day except Friday because it did not fall on Saturday, the Sabbath.

Manna has been represented as truly descending from heaven by classical and Renaissance painters. Wikimedia Commons is the source of this image.

Manna arrived every night and every morning after the dew had evaporated, according to the Biblical book of Exodus, and it had to be collected before the sun melted it.

Manna, according to legend, comes with the dew, late at night. It’s described as a white coriander-like seed that, when pulverized and baked, resembled wafers with honey, yet it’s also reported as being the same color as Indian myrrh in some tales.

In the Hebrew Bible, there are two descriptions of Manna. Manna is mentioned twice in the Bible, once in Exodus 16:1–36 and once in Numbers 11:1–9. It’s defined as “a fine, flake-like stuff” in Exodus, comparable to frost on the ground.

Manna is described as arriving with the dew throughout the night in the Fourth Book of Moses. Details on Manna that resembles bdellium—a semi-transparent oleo-gum-resin produced from trees found in Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Sub-Saharan Africa—are included in the book.

James Tissot’s The Gathering of the Manna Wikimedia Commons is the source of this image.

So, in a nutshell, Manna was the food provided by God to preserve the populace from becoming hungry. However, it is still uncertain what it was. Only consume the manna you’ve gathered for the day, according to Exodus, because hoarded manna “bred worms and stank.” However, as Exodus 16:23–24 explicitly explains, manna kept the day before the Sabbath did not spoil overnight.

Some think that the Zohar, a compendium of spiritual reflections and interpretations of the Torah that is essential to the mystical Kabbalah belief system and was created in the 13th century, would provide further information regarding this secret food source. There are references to what is known as the Ancient of Days delivering Manna in the Zohar.

“Ancient of Days” is a moniker for God according to the Book of Daniel. The Ancient of Days is sometimes equated with God the Father or The Holy Spirit in Eastern Orthodox Christian hymns and iconography.

“The text speaks of different-sized brains, different-sized faces that were connected with different tubes and different light sources,” ancient astronaut theorist Giorgio A. Tsoukalos stated. According to theologians, this was a description of God. However, what is depicted in the Zohar isn’t necessarily a deity figure, but rather a form of the machine when seen from a modern viewpoint.”

Despite the fact that theologians have suggested that this is a description of God, ancient astronaut theorists argue that what is described in the Zohar is more likely a type of machine: “A machine that produced manna,” a mysterious food source that has yet to be identified, despite the fact that numerous historical accounts suggest it was real.”

The Manna machine idea proposes two possibilities for where the Israelites obtained it. One theory claims they stole it from Egyptians before their escape, while another, more contentious theory claims it was given to them as a humanitarian gesture to save them from starving in the desert.

In any case, the solution, like the Ark of the Covenant, appears to have vanished from history.

In 1978, George Sassoon and Rodney Dale published a book based on a translation of Zohar’s “The Ancient of Days” portion. The writers conclude in the book that Manna was made by a machine that had previously created algae as nourishment for humans in biblical times. The so-called Manna machine was finally recreated by George, an engineer who is supposed to have followed The Ancient of Days’ instructions. He stated that after building the system, it produced algae as a food source.

This also explains how the Israelis managed to endure their 40-year trip through the Sinai Desert. According to Sassoon and Dale, the Ark of the Covenant included a nuclear reactor that powered the Manna machine. Scientists have successfully pioneered a procedure that uses solar energy, water vapor, and chlorella algae to make a protein-rich material. Could this be a re-creation of extraterrestrial technology that existed tens of thousands of years ago?

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