Man Lifts 20-Ton Block by Hand Using Forgotten Ancient Technology (videos)

Ever since we first came across the behemothic structures of the past we appeared to lack the knowledge of how they could have possibly built them in the first place.

We can do it now, but that is because we have the technological means to do so, but what we didn’t know is how they could have done that without the use of this newfound technology.

Well, thanks to a man named Wally Wallington we might finally have the answer to this. It appears as though the pyramids, the sphinxes, the temples and the ancient tombs could have all been built using this incredibly simplistic and yet ingenious method.

He showed us that you only need your hands and your mind in order to move these 20-ton blocks by yourself. He uploaded a video tutorial that we’ve attached below which shows us how to do this ourselves step by step.

Keep in mind, we do not recommend you try it as it is still dangerous to move around 20-ton objects, so we don’t endorse any of this. But anyway, what he showed us is that the most important component that we need to take control of is gravity itself.

He believed that he could move 7,000 pounds for 100 feet per minute using this technique and that in doing so he could even construct the Great Pyramid of Giza in 25 years working 40 hours a day with 640 other people.

By putting stones as the pivots of the structure and building wooden roads to roll the large blocks over he could even move 20-ton objects by himself, so he definitely already proved his point, to say the least.

Again, we do not endorse doing this yourself at home. It is interesting to see how our own minds can think of these solutions. What do you think about this? Do you think this could have been the method the ancient Egyptians used?



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