Look How Bizarre This Image Is – Taken From Saturn’s Satellite, Enceladus!

Enceladus is Saturn’s sixth biggest satellite. It has a diameter of around 500 kilometers.

Because of its presence of water, Enceladus is one of three candidates for the hunt for extraterrestrial life, the other two being the planet Mars and Jupiter’s satellite Europa.

The NASA Cassini probe flew close to Enceladus in 2005, exposing its surface in stunning detail. Cassini observed many water jets in the southern polar area, among other things.

Organic macromolecular remnants have been discovered in these water jets by scientists. And, according to NASA researchers, jets are made up of the same elements as comets.

But take a look at Cassini’s photos of Enceladus… As if there were extraterrestrial bases hidden beneath the jets! Yes, it’s an optical illusion, yet…

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