Latest Video of The Mysterious Black Knight Alien Satellite in Space

For those who are unaware, the Black Knight is an artificial extra-terrestrial satellite that has been orbiting the Earth for about 13.000 years.

The narrative of the satellite is essentially a recall of various stories and interpretations, all of which have been properly documented and analyzed by professionals.

The Black Knight’s beginnings can be traced back to 1889, when Nikola Tesla’s radio experiments unintentionally discovered it. In 1928, an amateur radio operator named Jorgen Hals spotted it in Oslo, Norway.

At the same time, ufologist Donald Keyhoe told journalists in 1954 that the US Air Force had discovered two satellites orbiting Earth, which was impossible because no country had the technology to launch a satellite.

Moving forward in time, TIME reported in 1960 that the US Navy had discovered a bizarre object presumed to come from the Soviet Union; however, an article revealed that the object in issue was the remains of an Air Force Discoverer VIII satellite that had gone astray.

The enigmatic object known as Black Knight continued to resurface in the years that followed, such as in 1963, when astronaut Gordon Cooper reported a UFO experience, which was confirmed by the tracking station.

In 1973, Duncan Lunan investigated certain radio echoes received by Hals and speculated that they could have come from a 13,000-year-old extra-terrestrial probe orbiting the moon.

If you want to learn more, take a peek at this video.


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