Laser-Sharp Ancient Cuts Were Discovered in An Underwater Megalithic Structure in Japan

The archipelago of Nippon had always had quite an infamous history, to say the least as throughout its 6,800 islands many believe that there is a lot more mythological significance here than anywhere else on Earth.

There are a ton of people here that have essentially formed up a cult around the idea that the Sun was formed in this archipelago.

These people essentially claimed this since ancient times which means that the Japanese government in itself cannot intervene with anything that they do within the confines of their islands.

In order to get to the bottom of this though US Naval Commodore Mathew Perry decided to give them a visit as he wanted to see if there was any truth to their beliefs back in 1853.

That is when he came across a series of monuments that are still left unexplained to this day. They were officially documented a long time after his passing though.

The first of these is the Yonaguni, a massive rocky structure that is believed to have been constructed solely through the use of lasers.

As you can see, the submerged monument is massive, sitting at 400 meters (1312ft) wide and 150 meters (492ft) long.

It was originally discovered in 1987 by Kihachiro Aratake and many believed that it was a result of ancient advanced technology.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have the aptly called Stone Sanctuary that you can find around 11 kilometers away from the southeastern side of the Himejo Castle.

Known as the Ishi-no-Hoden by the locals, it was clearly created through the use of laser-sharp tools, to say the least.

Other than these we also have the shrine of the kami which locals refer to as the Okuninushi.

They are said to have ruled the lands of Izumo and as far as we know they are the official deities that the Japanese culture worships.

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