Is This Mysterious Ancient Greek Laptop The Final Proof For Time Travel?

As the headline suggests, what appears to be a modern laptop has been discovered in an ancient Greek carving of a teenage girl.

Might this all be a coincidence or is it evidence in ancient times of sophisticated technology? Might this be proof that time-traveling technology is actually out there?

It appears so, as more and more similar observations have been made to prove that certain alien beings out there or even people from the future are now supporting their descendants by traveling back in time and exposing them to modern technologies.

Experts agree that the notion of time traveling in itself is feasible because, to say the least, we are now hitting new heights as far as scientific developments go, meaning that we might essentially have time-traveling robots within the next few years.

The carving itself is known as “An Enthroned Lady with an Attendant’s Grave Naiskos” and, according to most scholars, it depicts the offering of a very unusual item that seems to look a lot like a laptop.

The lady still seems to be seated on a toilet, and you can easily see two holes on the side of the laptop, which may actually be USB ports after all.

If you are actually in California, you can discover it at the J Paul Getty Museum yourself. It is, to say the least, certainly worth a visit.


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