Is There Really An Ancient Mummy of An Alien Commander In The Moscow National History Museum?

Egyptian mummies were unearthed in enormous numbers, as were wide-scale archeological excavations in Egypt at the turn of the twentieth century. The 1920s were the “golden age” of discoveries.

However, it appears that an unique Egyptian mummy discovered in the legendary Valley of the Kings is housed in the Moscow National History Museum. I saw this proof in a book, but I haven’t been able to validate it from other objective sources, therefore it’s not impossible that it’s false…

Multiple X-ray re-examinations of this particular mummies were performed in the 1980s, revealing that the mummy covered with secure strips of fabric was not of human descent. Is this the body of an extraterrestrial humanoid? As any of the conspirators will tell you…

This corpse appears to have the following “unearthly” features: a height of 1.20 m (it must have been a human child), an enlarged skull and an uneven protuberance in the little brain, bony protrusions over the eyes, and hands with six fingernails without nails.

His head has been severed and placed next to his body, and his chest has been terribly damaged. This demonstrates that he was murdered.

The inscription on the gold shield connected to the chest states that the humanoid was 106 years old, had the worldly name Amenemon, and was the captain of the “ship’s crew.”

Oh, and P.S. BEWARE! The image in this article is of a different mummy, and it has nothing to do with the alleged mummy in Moscow.

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