Interesting Mars Anomaly Was Discovered- Orbiter Photographs Spherical Object on The Martian Surface

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is a $720 million spacecraft that launched on its mission to the Red Planet in August 2005.

It entered the planet’s orbit on March 10, 2006, and according to most experts, we’ve learned more about the Red Planet than ever before over its 11+ years of active mission reporting.

But, among all of the breathtaking images of the Red Planet, one has perplexed scientists to this day. PSP 010329 1525, you might not think much of it until you realize that it could actually prove that life did exist on Mars after all.

This image depicts what looks to be a spherical structure that is undoubtedly man-made.

The MRO was around 200 miles above it when it captured the iconic image, as this odd structure could be seen in the dead center of the Uzboi Vallis area, according to NASA.

The Uzboi Vallis area is one of Mars’ largely dry landscapes that is occasionally dotted with streams and small seasonal ponds. As a result, many specialists assume that the Earth used to be covered in water in ancient periods.

Back to the weird structure, many believe it is roughly 200 feet wide and, more crucially, it looks to be much taller than any of its surroundings due to its peculiar casted shadow.

Many people feel that this demonstrates that the edifice is supported by stilts.

This would make sense if the water level in ancient times was as high as experts say it was.

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