Intelligent Alien Life Spotted On CERES – New Evidence?!

Dawn, a NASA spacecraft, was sent out on a recon mission to Ceres’ orbit to discover whether there was any chance of life there. What looked to be yet another failed NASA mission, however, turned up some astounding evidence to imply otherwise.

As you can see, these two brilliant spots emerged just in front of the camera lens, reflecting light in an unusual and unnatural way.

Not only that, but three miles above the planet’s surface was located what looked to be another odd pyramid-shaped mountain.

Is there a connection here? NASA agreed and sent Dawn back out to take additional close-up photographs of it. Dawn took even more photographs of the planet on the 11th of May, 2015, even mapping over 2,700 miles of the planet’s surface.

This time, though, rather than explaining anything, it only added to the strangeness. In one of the planet’s brightest regions, there appear to be at least eight new spots.

Although some people assume it’s all ice or salt deposits, the vast majority of people don’t.

This is because, in January of 2014, multiple water vapor emissions appeared out of nowhere, demonstrating that life could exist here owing to the presence of life in the first place.

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