Indigenous Elders Tell Us Strange Stories About The “Star People” Living Inside The Earth

Belief in underground realms has been passed down through generations of people all around the world as myths or stories. Socrates, for example, spoke of gigantic caves where rivers ran and huge hollows within the Earth that were inhabited.

Cherokee Indians claim that when they first arrived in the southeast United States, they saw numerous well-tended gardens but no humans to care for them. They eventually located a community of people who lived below and only came out at night to care for the plants. They gathered the food and transported it underground to their cities. These individuals were little in stature, with blue skin and big black eyes.

Because the sun’s rays were too harsh for them, they constructed their cities underground and only came out at night to use the moon’s light. They were known as the “Moon People” by the Cherokee.

Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, a Cherokee/Choctaw who is Cherokee/Choctaw and has been investigating the Star People for many years, documenting contacts between them and Native Indians, provided the quotation above. I just released two pieces in which I recounted indigenous peoples’ contacts with the “Star People.” One of them was about an indigenous elder who told a story about “Star People” who crashed on his reserve, which you can read about here.

The second item, which was published just a few days ago, was about an elder who showed Dr. Clarke a frozen extraterrestrial heart that he said belonged to the Star People, and you can read it here.

These people are also referenced in a 1797 book by Benjamin Smith Barton, who says that they are referred to as “moon-eyed” because they have impaired vision during the day. Later variations add further information, saying that the people had white complexion and built the area’s pre-Columbian remains. Colonel Leonard Marbury, according to Barton, was his source.

Clarke tells a story recounted to her by an 84-year-old man she refers to as “Uncle Beau” in her book. “The elder ones tell legends of people from the stars who lived underground near Tanana,” he says. The elder ones tell numerous legends of the Star People who lived among them and disappeared underground near Tanana. The Inupiat believe they arrived on Earth in a spacecraft.”

Clarke then questioned if he’d ever seen a spacecraft, to which he answered, “No.”

Several times. I was born in the Athabaskan area. I was here before Alaska was a state, and my people had been here for thousands of years before any white guy arrived. There were spacecraft visiting Alaska when it was called Alaxsxaq, and they will continue to visit long after Alaska is gone. I believe they have always been here, as the ancient ones said.

The government is aware of it, but there is nothing they can do about it. They were there long before the establishment of a government. At this point, I believe the military is simply attempting to confine them and keep them quiet. They don’t want us to find out.

There is also a military base near Beau’s home, and when Clarke inquired if he had ever discussed UFOs with anybody at the base, he replied:

About ten years ago, one of my niece’s boys worked at the base. At the base, they had roughly a hundred people working for them. He said that when he arrived at work one morning, the base was shuttered. They instructed the employees to go home. When he arrived at work the next day, one of his pals who was stationed there informed him that a UFO had landed the night before.

He said that there was a location up there where UFOs went underground. He said (his nephew) that it was guarded 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No one was permitted near the location, but he said a buddy with a high-security clearance informed him of it.

He went on to say that he believes it’s a location where “aliens and the military interact and where aliens can move underground freely without us normal people noticing them.” I’m not sure what they’re doing together, but I believe that’s how they use the space. My nephew’s buddy stated that the aliens resemble humans. So they may be the ancestors.”

Now that I’ve been working in this industry for a while, I’ve discovered some pretty fascinating links. Tanana, Alaska is located just across the street from Mount Hayes, Alaska. For those who are unaware, the US government, in collaboration with the CIA and the Stanford Research Institute, launched a program named STARGATE, one of its goals being to research remote seeing, which is the capacity to perceive and describe a faraway area regardless of distance. It is a skill that permits the ‘viewer’ to describe a remote geographical place that is several hundred thousand kilometers (or more) away from their physical position – a region that they have never visited.

To summarize, it was incredibly effective, respectable, and accurate for information gathering. Following its declassification or at least partial declassification, in 1995, the Department of Defense and individuals engaged disclosed an extremely high success rate.

To recap, the back-and-forth critique of procedures, improvement of methodologies, and successful replication of this form of distant viewing in separate laboratories have generated substantial scientific evidence for the actuality of the [remote viewing] phenomena throughout the years.

The observation that a rising number of people could be able to display high-quality remote viewing, often to their own surprise, added to the strength of these findings… SRI’s development of this capability has progressed to the point where visiting CIA personnel with no prior exposure to such concepts have performed admirably under controlled laboratory conditions.” (source)

After that program was declassified, some remote viewers began talking a lot about alien activities. The locations of various ET bases on Earth were one of the topics covered. One of the show’s most ardent fans has successfully remote-viewed four extraterrestrial “bases” stationed on Earth. One was found beneath Mount Ziel, another beneath Mount Perdido in Spain, another beneath Mount Inyangani in Zimbabwe, and still another beneath Mount Hayes in Alaska. You may learn more about that particular story by clicking here.

One of the STARGATE army’s remote watchers, Lyn Buchanan, claims he was charged with gathering intelligence about alien parties that were/are visiting the globe. He also refers to these bases. More information may be found here. (You may find out more about it here: source.)

These names are always available in the CIA’s electronic reading room, so you may look them up and confirm their legitimacy. Following the program’s declassification, the majority of those participating in it became public knowledge.

So, what exactly is the point? Mount Hayes is located near Tanana, Alaska, which Elder mentions (as mentioned earlier in this article). And, in terms of his nephew, there are a number of military sites nearby, including Eielson Air Force Base.

It’s fascinating that I read Dr. Clarke’s narrative and then discovered this connection with the remote viewing program.

Dr. Clarke tells another intriguing anecdote about Mary Winston. She was recognized as one of the last traditional painters to die at the age of 87. There are so many legends about the Star People told by indigenous elders that it’s genuinely remarkable and overpowering.

Winston claims that:

The Star People are said to have carried our forefathers to our planet in vast metal flying machines. The forefathers lived in a chilly world similar to the arctic. As a result, they transported us here to populate the planet. At the time, the Earth was covered in ice. It was not like today’s Earth. Our grandparents had told us about the Star People. For thousands of years, the stories were passed down. The Star People, who reside at the top of our globe, brought us here. They reside under the North Pole. That is the highest point on the planet. When my grandfather was alive, he communicated with them. He claimed they resembled humans but had larger eyes since everyone on the homeworld lived underground. He claimed that when we were originally brought here, we had wide eyes as well, but the sun and snow turned them into microscopic slits.

Clarke goes on to mention a number of additional fascinating talks with indigenous elders concerning life beneath on our planet.

“My people tell us about Star People who visited us many decades ago.” The Star People brought spiritual lessons, legends, and maps of the galaxy, which they freely shared. They were gentle, compassionate, and set a good example. My people say there was a loneliness like no other when they left us.” (source) – Richard Wagamese, from the Wabaseemoong First Nation in Northwestern Ontario, is one of Canada’s best novelists and storytellers.

The Bottom Line

Several ancient texts from numerous civilizations reference beings from “another planet” that reside within ours. Shambhala, a secret kingdom within our own globe that we do not comprehend and find difficult to uncover, is one such world mentioned in Tibetan Buddhist and Hindu traditions. We’ve never gone down there ourselves, as far as we know.

It’s fascinating to envision what the Earth’s core looks like. Although instruments may be used to discern its composition, seeing it in its whole would be amazing.

Perhaps we shouldn’t discount these stories so quickly.

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