Immense Strange Object Appeared Next To The Moon – Recorded In Indonesia

In the three films, we can see a massive object standing next to the Moon. Three movies were shot on May 21 in Indonesia and will be shown to you. Three distinct persons living in the same city captured these films.

They decided to share what they had captured on Facebook, and it quickly became quite popular.

Witnesses were horrified when they saw the item, which had a weird shape.

Experts believe that the films were not manipulated and that the quality was rather excellent. Skeptics claim that the object is a comet or a kite in the sky, and some even claim that it is a tree limb.

We don’t know if the item is a UFO or a natural occurrence. But what we do know is that more and more films like this arise every day, indicating that something is awry these days.

Take a peek at these films for yourself and let us know what you think.


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