Immense Circles Were Discovered In The Middle Of The Desert – Alien Drawings Or Something Else?!

Jordan’s desert is riddled with mystery. The discovery of huge circles has just come to light, and while little is known about them, these formations raise numerous issues.

Satellite pictures clearly reveal these circles. Their diameters range from 700 to 1,500 feet (215 to 450 meters). Eight of them have been discovered on the outskirts of the Sahara in west-central Jordan, while four additional so-called Big Circles have been uncovered in the Middle East north of the Azraq Oasis.

Those who saw them are curious as to who made them or what function they fulfilled. The presence of these extraterrestrial artwork makes no sense because they can only be seen in their entirety from above. Why was the desert chosen for the Big Circles?

Is it because of weather patterns that these constructions may be preserved for a longer period of time? Is it due to a lack of foliage and hence improved visibility? Archaeologists currently have no answers.

Artifacts discovered around the rings indicate that they are at least 2,000 years old, but might be considerably older. They might even be prehistoric, before the creation of writing.

The circles were discovered in the 1920s when flying became increasingly popular. They were practically unknown before to it. Many people believe their function was to be seen from above, acting as rudimentary beacons.

Were ancient Middle Eastern people visited by aliens? Were they anticipating their return and hence indicating appropriate landing sites?

Other seemingly alien paintings – the Nazca lines of Peru – may be seen halfway around the world. They are equally ancient and mysterious.

One of the few scholars that researched the remnant buildings was Professor David Kennedy of the University of Western Australia.

Satellite photography revealed that the circles were designed to be mathematically accurate and were built with significant attention and effort. The volume of labor and the quality of the constructions led him to assume that this was not a fast effort that required dozens of personnel.

“It all comes into perspective after you go up a few hundred feet.” “All of a sudden, you can see the contour of what you’ve been looking at,” Kennedy explained.

Perhaps more investigation will reveal the mysteries hidden inside these enigmatic rings.

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