Igigi Aliens – The Ancient Alien Gods Who Initiated Revolt Against The Anunnaki

You’re probably already familiar with the Ancient Anunnaki, who allegedly used early humanity as a labor force. But you probably didn’t realize that the Anunnaki exploited the Igigi as a labor force before humans.

It is usually assumed that the Igigi were the youngest celestial gods that served the Anunnaki when they came to Earth in search of riches.

According to experts in the topic, the term Igigi derives from Semitic and refers to a collection of gods in a Mesopotamian temple.

It’s unclear to which ancient gods they belonged. However, dominant scholars believe it was Mardik — the god of Babylon.

The name Igigi refers to mythological Sumerian divinities. According to popular belief, they were the first of the Anunnaki’s servants.

They have initiated a revolution against Enhil’s rule. That is why the Anunnaki replaced these aids with humans of our own species.

The Sumerian heaven is shown as a large garden in the Babylonian Flood story Atrahasis, where subordinate gods like the Igigi were excavating a channel directed by their lords.

“When the gods bore the job and endured the toil as men did, the toil of the gods was enormous, the work was heavy, and the misery was great.”

“The Seven Great Anunnaki were subjecting the Igigi to labor.”

“When the gods, man-like, bore the labor and carried the load, the gods’ load was great, the toil was severe, and the trouble was exorbitant.” The huge Anunnaki, the Seven, were forcing the Igigi to work.”

On the other hand, the Early Astronaut idea contends that these ancient gods were, in fact, quite similar to the Anunnaki.

According to this hypothesis, the Igigi served as intermediaries between Earth and the Anunnaki’s home planet, Nibiru.

Many researchers believe the Igigi were in eternal orbit above our plane in massive pulpits made of metal from Earth.

However, humanity was never able to encounter this group of ancient gods. Several books mention them, characterizing them as ‘too high up for Mankind.’

They labored tirelessly for the masters before launching an insurgency against them. They set fire to their tools and surrounded Enhil’s residence. As a result, the Anunnaki had no choice but to locate new labor.

Many historians believe that human slaves arose as a result of genetic changes made by the ancient Anunnaki.

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