Humanity Intercepted This Alien Message -“Do You Wish that We Show Up?”

Humanity has received thousands upon thousands of messages so far from aliens, whether they be vocal or written, they always seem to relate to the five basic messages that they wish to spread.

The first one refers to ecology, they talk about how humanity is shameful, a corruption to everything including itself, and how if we do not change our ways they’ll be forced to take action for themselves.

The second type of message has to do with scientific knowledge. They’ve shared so much knowledge so far, it has even been speculated that they were behind most of the discoveries of the past and that they helped build some of the most impressive constructions of all time.

The third one has to do with the artifacts that we cannot explain to this day. Certain trinkets from a forgotten time that we have no answer for.

The fourth one is the one where they talk about our purpose in this Universe and the existence of God, or how the aliens refer to it as the Supreme Intelligence.

Last but not least we have the final message which is a matter of morals. This refers to them deciding that they’ve had enough and that they’re coming over to establish a set of norms in order to guide us towards a better future.

The latest message that was received and confirmed by specialists is a combination of the ones above, “Do you wish that we show up” is definitely obscure enough to be any of the ones above, but alas, it is still something that we need to study to understand in its entirety that’s for sure.


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