Huge Cities Were Discovered At The Bottom Of The Ocean

The ancient Abandoned City of Atlantis is one of history’s most famous lost cities. While experts have yet to determine if the city ever existed in the first place, there are hundreds more undiscovered cities out there waiting to be discovered.

True, there are hundreds of underwater ancient settlements that are written off as random constructions that break off from the sides of the countries to which they were connected, but several of them deserve a second look because they show some very curious signs that they were built by a technologically advanced society in the first place.

While many of them are not fragments of the old Lost City of Atlantis, many of them are said to have been built by the same people who built the ancient Atlantis.

Plato himself stated that the Atlanteans were the most intelligent people on the planet, therefore who else could have created them?

It might possibly be linked to the Ancient Colonists idea, which argues that an ancient species of aliens descended from space to share their technology and wisdom with humans in exchange for our continuing slavery.

They effectively enslaved us, as well as enabled us to soar greater heights by exchanging whatever they had with us. This is how we can comprehend the hundreds of items that are much too complex for any ancient society to comprehend.


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