Huge Ancient Underwater Geoglyphs Discovered By a Drone

Rob Antill was the man that came upon this discovery through the use of his $500 drone known as the DJI Phantom back in January of 2013.

As he was looming over the Kootenay Lake, right outside of Nelson, BC, he came upon these following geoglyphs which he considered to be ancient labyrinths and spirals created by our prehistoric ancestors.

This was only possible as the water level greatly decreased at the time, and as many have already started by now, if proven real this could have changed the history books as we know them from North America.

But this wasn’t meant to be, as, despite the fact that this is a decently interesting finding, to begin with, it has been reported to have been caused by someone quite recently.

This all stemmed from the fact that the locals hadn’t seen the formation before, and since the water level almost retreats in its entirety quite often it was reported that this could have definitely been caused by someone with too much time on their hands.

There are plenty of discoveries to be made in North America, take for example the 89-meter circle of stones from beneath Lake Michigan. But, this discovery on the other hand is nothing all that special.

Unless Rob can bring up new proof that this was done by an ancient civilization, we cannot directly support his claim.

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