Highly-Advanced Cutting Tech Used In Ancient Egypt?! – Who Made The Perfect Ancient Basalt Floor?

What happened to the Basalt Block discovered in Egypt under the sand? “Where is this coming from?” is a better question. Clearly a slab carved by a machine!

Are you lost in time? I believe these ancient peoples had access to all of the cutting, sawing, transportation, and technology that we have today.

This would have happened before the Egyptians arrived! Those who were so far ahead of their time were almost certainly wiped out by an Earth-wide catastrophe, just as we shall all be, with the exception of a select fortunate/unfortunate few.

Those born to the last few will strive to imitate our powers, but they will perish in the sands of time, just as they did before. This has most likely happened a number of times.

Despite all of the evidence of precise stone cutting, exact straight angles, and evident machine tool markings, most mainstream scientists and ‘experts’ continue to assert that they were done with primitive tools.

That amuses me quite a bit. I’d love to see these experts try to recreate some of them using the same techniques they claim were utilized in the past. I’ll be the first to apologize if they succeed.

Even if current equipment and technologies were employed, some of them would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to recreate.

A high-pressure water-cooled core drill, for example, was used to cut the drill hole. Look at the rate of progress!! Even the most advanced machines would struggle to keep up.

Anyway, watch this video and let me know what you think.


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