He Knocked Down a Wall Of His House And Found The Access To a Mysterious Ancient Underground City

Imagine you’re conducting some home renovations and you come into an old subterranean city of tremendous archaeological significance. This is precisely what happened to a Turkish man.

In today’s movie, you’ll learn about the astounding discovery of the ancient city of Derinkuyu.

When the Turkish guy was repairing his home and pulling down a wall, he discovered a room behind it that did not exist on the house’s designs. The man was taken aback when he discovered the new room was linked to a corridor while inspecting it.

Further investigation revealed that this is only the beginning of a vast underground metropolis filled with old chambers and corridors.

This underground metropolis even has a number of tiny ventilation tubes that bring oxygen in from the outside, yet each exit to the city’s surface is cleverly hidden.

There are also gigantic stone doors in this city that can be closed from the inside. This shows that the underground city’s objective was to keep the outside world out. Similar to today’s bunkers.

Because this underground city is so large, it isn’t just a few little rooms and passages, this find has enormous archaeological significance. Hundreds of them exist.

In the video below, you’ll see all of the facts behind this massive find.


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