Grey Alien Beings Showed to This Woman The Future Of Earth

Sherry Wilde believes that she was taken by extraterrestrials from a different galaxy. Sherry Wilde distinguishes between being an abductee and a volunteer in this lecture, as well as providing some fascinating facts regarding “her adventure” with the aliens.

Sherry was only 17 years old when it all began. She recalls an instance in which she went gone for a period of time.

She had always been curious about what had happened, but she dismissed it as a case of forgetfulness.

However, she opted to undergo hypnotic regression, and it was then that she learned she had been carried on board an extraterrestrial spacecraft numerous times as a child, not once, but multiple times.

The regression revealed that the aliens had brought her back to Earth on a mission to serve as a volunteer and to convert bad energy.

If you want to understand more about this, there is a video available here.


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