Giant Ancient Ruins on Mars Were Filmed by NASA’s Space Probe

The Mars Global Surveyor was originally sent to Mars on September 11, 1997, as experts reported the fact that it had successfully landed on the surface of the Red Planet, beginning its official expedition on the arid lands.

It made a ton of discoveries, to say the least as many believe that this was the first time that humans had ever encountered proof of the fact that life did exist on Mars after all.

This was made clear by the discovery of ancient rivers which would imply that water, the building block of all life out there, existed on the Red Planet.

But that’s not all, as the following picture was also taken by the space probe. As you can see here, the lines are too symmetrical for them to be natural as they clearly pop out showcasing the outline of what appears to be ancient ruins on Mars after all.

They are massive, to say the least as experts have stated that this is proof enough although NASA fought this off by literally ignoring it which is definitely quite strange, to say the least.

The picture is on their website as we speak which proves the fact that it hadn’t been edited by anyone before.

Many believe that this discovery also led to the Mars Global Surveyor mission being terminated as of November 2nd, 2006.

Although the probe reportedly stopped responding to commands and crashed down many believe it was purposely taken down so as to not have to explain any more discoveries.

But alas, that’s a different theory altogether.

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