Former Navy Officer Tells The Truth About Antarctica

Everyone knows that Antarctica is the most mysterious area on the globe. And the mystery of that continent increases when we learn that the FAA has designated a No-Fly Zone in the middle of it. However, before we go any farther down the rabbit hole, we should carefully examine Piri Reis Map.

The Piri Reis map depicts the ice-free Antarctic continent that we see today, a green continent. The Russian expedition led by Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev unearthed this one-of-a-kind chart around 500 years ago.

A naval officer recounts his exploits on the icy continent while escorting a group of researchers and scientists. In Antarctica, he also observed a medical emergency. When the naval officer had to traverse the Antarctic ice during the medical emergency, he observed a huge breach in the ice.

He claimed that the entire team of researchers he escorted to Antarctica unexpectedly vanished for two weeks, during which no one was able to reach them. When they returned from wherever they had gone, they were appalled by what had transpired and were told by top officials not to talk about it.

A bizarre oval object in Antarctica was photographed by a satellite in 2012.

This strange structure is on the ice, and preliminary analysis could not determine whether it is a natural phenomenon or an artificial structure.

However, this is not an isolated incident. In Antarctica, many intriguing structures, strange artifacts, and even massive pyramids have been uncovered over time. The photograph below shows an unidentified object that crashed on a slope in Antarctica.

One thing is certain: Antarctica has been and will continue to be a mysterious location to which not everyone has access.

There are beliefs concerning the existence of an ancient underground civilization, and some portals in Antarctica provide entry to this world.

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