Forget About Searching For Water on Mars! A Strange Fossilized Dinosaur Has Been Discovered

NASA has announced that they discovered evidence of water on the surface of Mars, but this has been overshadowed by claims by alien hunters claiming they discovered a preserved dinosaur in rocks on Mars.

The extraterrestrial hunters published images taken by NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover on the internet. The photograph shows an unusual rock formation, and UFO researchers believe it could be the fossilized bones of a prehistoric monster that lived on Mars.

The Mars Curiosity Rover Captured Images of a Fossilized Dinosaur.

The image was published to YouTube by the channel Paranormal Crucible, who claimed it was shot by the Mars Curiosity Rover near the Gale Crater. According to the footage, it appears to depict the remnants of prehistoric dinosaurs.

A closer inspection reveals a gigantic skull with a distinct tiny bone, a giant vacant eye socket, and a large curved spine, according to the alien seekers.

It was claimed that when the fossil was recreated utilizing enhancing techniques and colorization, it was feasible to tell that the artifact was the remains of a creature that formerly lived on Mars.

Fossilized remains may be prehistoric or only a few hundred years old.

The fossilized remnants of the creature were reported to be prehistoric in the movie, but it was also speculated that it could have been only a few hundred years old and could be the remains of a Martian counterpart of the Komodo dragon, which roams across Earth but can survive in severe settings. According to the video, it is probable that it was a hybrid species of a dragon that formerly traveled across Mars.

You’d think NASA would be ecstatic about such a discovery. However, it appears that it is not unusual, and what has been labeled evidence of just about anything from aliens to prehistoric remains and stone age artifacts has been proposed.

NASA has characterized the so-called fossil as nothing more than rocks that have eroded in the past, adding that extraterrestrial hunters are victims of an optical illusion. They claimed that the brain fools the eye into seeing familiar forms and objects on textured or patterned surfaces.


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