FBI Released Document: Our Planet Has Been Visited By Alien Beings Coming From a Parallel World

The FBI has released a fascinating consulting paper supplied to them by an unknown prominent scholar who stated that Earth was often visited by interdimensional entities on a friendly mission from another dimension.

The FBI has declassified a shocking document.

The text, which has definitely been read by some people, many of whom have left detailed comments, warns of the possibility of extraterrestrial spacecraft known as ‘flying saucers’ being attacked.

It claims that if the aliens are assaulted by an aircraft, they would retaliate with a force that will most likely result in the annihilation of the human vehicle. This scenario might have a variety of extremely catastrophic effects, including widespread public fear of interdimensional invasion.

The professor then went on to describe some of the details they had gleaned about the extraterrestrial spacecraft and the reasons for the aliens’ decision to visit the planet Earth. The professor wrote about the spacecraft, saying that although some of the disks carried humans, others were operated remotely.

He also said that they possessed a type of radiant radiation capable of quickly annihilating any assaulting craft. They have the ability to materialize and dematerialize at will. The vessels were most likely not equipped with radios, but other flying aircraft might communicate with them using radar, according to the article’s author.

He also scribbled a few notes on the aliens. He reported that they appeared to be human-like in appearance, but that they were substantially larger than the ordinary person. He said that they didn’t originate from the astral realm in the way that most people think of it, but from another dimension entirely. He said that humans could not perceive this realm or the aliens’ homeworld with present technology.

While he emphasized the significance of avoiding conflict with these species, he also stated that they do not constitute a threat to humans on Earth. The aliens were clearly said to be on a friendly mission.

It’s worth noting that the FBI took this paper seriously enough to make sure it was extensively distributed inside the organization and to give it a very high-security rating. Could this be proof that they’ve been aware of extraterrestrial visitation to Earth for almost half a century?

Below is a revised version of the report. (NOTE: Because of the numerous notations and stamps, several words in the original text are unintelligible.)

The following is taken from the document, which was received on July 8, 1947:

This message is addressed politely to a few distinguished scientists, key aeronautical and military authorities, a few public figures, and a few newspapers. This act is unlikely to achieve anything significant, according to the writer.

The very fact that the statistics in this document were collected using so-called supernormal techniques is likely to ensure that substantially all of the people who are addressed would dismiss it; yet, it appears to be a public obligation to make it available. (The current author holds many academic degrees and has previously served as the director of a university department.)

In the case of the “flying saucers,” a very severe crisis may arise at any time. The attacking plane will very probably be destroyed if one of these is assaulted. This might cause fear and worldwide suspicion in the general consciousness. The most important information on these crafts is now available and must be shared, no matter how fantastic and incomprehensible it may appear to brains who have never been exposed to this style of thinking.

1. Some of the disks have the personnel, while others are controlled remotely.

2. They have a benign mission. The tourists are debating whether or not to board this plane.

3. These visitors resemble humans but are considerably larger.

4. They are aliens from another world, not excarnate Earth humans.

5. They originate from an etheric world that interpenetrates our own and is imperceptible to us, rather than a planet as we know it.

6. When the visitors’ bodies and the craft enter the vibratory rate of our thick matter, they manifest automatically.

7. The disks emit a beam of radiant energy that may quickly demolish any assaulting ship.

8. They may reenter the etheric at will, and hence vanish completely from human perception.

9. The location from whence they originate is the Lokas or Talas, not the “astral plane.” These terms will be familiar to esoteric students.

10. They are unlikely to be reached via radio, but radar is a possibility. if a signal system for that instrument can be created

We can only provide information and warnings. Allow the newcomers to be handled with respect. Unless the disks contain-(illegible, illegible) a (illegible, illegible) that our culture and science are incapable of coping with. The few people in positions of leadership who are capable of comprehending this situation have a great deal of responsibility.

The Lokas are oval-shaped, fluted length, oval with a heat-resistant metal or alloy not yet known, the front cage includes the controls, the center half a laboratory, and the rear cage contains weaponry, which consists mostly of a powerful energy apparatus, potentially a ray…

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