Extraterrestrial Contact Expert Claims That “New Humans” Are Already Walking Among Us

We are simply human, and we are prone to making mistakes. But what if some of us are capable of going beyond that? What if there are ‘new humans’ coexisting with us, the common people?

New humans might be genetically edited newborns, trained to make fewer mistakes and achieve levels of intelligence far beyond our own. Some claim they are the result of extraterrestrial abductions that were used as tests before being returned to Earth.

Alexis Brooks, a best-selling author, spoke with Mary Rodwell, a trained regression therapist, and ET contact researcher, to understand more about how new humans function.

Rodwell claims to have intimate experience with these divisive individuals. Children aged 4 to 8 years old all across the world are claiming to be alien children.

They pass on tidbits of knowledge regarding future intentions for the planet. A four-year-old youngster revealed that his earth parents brought him into this world, but that his true parents were from space who had intentions for the planet during his lifetime.

“They’ve received an upgrade.” “They have the ability to think and reason much above the curve,” Rodwell says. The youngsters were far more aware of their multi-dimensional experiences. While their parents were terrified of the children’s stories, the youngsters spoke freely about their experiences.”


Rodwell claims that there are more alien influences than you would suppose. Some people feel that ADHD and Asperger’s syndrome are hidden gifts rather than illnesses and that this is also true of autism. It’s also not just a couple of us.

Not just firsthand reports of learning how to walk through walls, but hard evidence of DNA abnormalities, blood testing demonstrate that something is wrong with many of us.

Scientists discovered that 97% of non-coding sequences in human DNA are identical to those found in alien DNA. Is it conceivable that genetic alteration is affecting all of us in some way?

“Non-coding sequences are known as “junk DNA,” according to Professor Sam Chang, and are “off-planet” in origin. These extraterrestrial sequences have their own systems and are resistant to some medications.”

Chang’s interpretations of these sequences are intriguing. He speculates that aliens may have attempted to place seeds in humans in order to harvest a new human. Perhaps time ran out and the missing sequences caused cancer or other disorders. Anyway, this is starting to sound like an episode of The X-Files, doesn’t it?


While looking for additional publications, particularly those about history, I came across multiple references to new people coexisting with conventional humans. New people appear to have existed since the beginning, as evidenced by prehistoric bones and reports of extraterrestrial visitation in ancient Egypt.

So what if their presence isn’t a figment of the imagination? As we continue our hunt for solutions, more evidence accumulates.

We have decided to keep my mind open to all possibilities. So, how about you?

To see the entire interview with Mary Rodwell, watch the video below:

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