Evidence of a Forgotten Race of Ancient Giants Discovered in Nevada

Many Native American tribes speak of big and powerful giants that lived in the Nevada region thousands of years ago. According to the myth, those giants were vicious, cannibalistic, and highly savage.

The Paiute are the Native American tribe that is discussing this race. The giants have been dubbed “Si-Te-Cah.” This translates as “tule-eaters.”

This is due to the fact that those creatures traveled across the ocean from a remote island.

According to folklore, these tribe of giants declared war on the Paiutes and all remaining tribes in their region. The war devastated and nearly annihilated the Native American tribes.

They did, however, band together and fight the giants. They enticed them into a cave and then set fire to them while closing the entrance.

Among the various discoveries made within the cave are many 15-inch long sandals, which are now housed at a museum.

However, the only visual evidence we have is a palm print on one of the cave’s walls.

Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think.


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