Etana, The Ancient “Anunnaki” King Who Ruled Our Planet For 1,500 years

According to historians, there is a “list of the Sumerian Kings” in which one of them is described as ruling for 1500 years… around 5000 years ago.

The Sumerian King List mentions Etana, the 13th King of the Kish Dynasty.
The “King of God,” according to the Sumerian King List, arrived in a “flying ship in the shape of a shield,” arriving in a whirlwind of flames at the back of his Royal Palace.

When we look at the Sumerian Kings’ history, especially the history of this “King of God,” we can see several things that orthodox historians haven’t been able to explain.

The Kings of Sumer

Experts have long debated the origins of Sumeria. According to the ancient astronauts’ idea, all civilization and humanity began at the same time.

A thorough study of Sumeria reveals a number of myths in which great deities from heaven are named. Encounters with gods and technology unknown on Earth prior to the discovery of modern civilization.

There are occurrences in their mythology that can be regarded as proof of alien contact in ancient times. When you learn that great gods once landed on Earth, you will be astounded.

And that civilization began in a remote region of Mesopotamia, as evidenced by the Sumerian Kings List:

After “royalty descended from heaven,” it was discovered that the Sumerian Rulers list included 5 towns and that their 8 kings ruled for 241,000 years.

“Royalty was in Eridu after royalty descended from heaven. Alulim became king of Eridu and reigned for 28,800 years «

The Sumerian Kings List is an old stone tablet written in the Sumerian language that clearly establishes “the ancient rulers” and how they came to Earth. They were mighty rulers who governed the Earth for tens of thousands of years, according to legend.

“1,500 years of government,” according to King Etana.

This list is regarded as mere mythology by traditional archeology. History is ignored, as are the antediluvian kings who ruled for thousands of years.

This does not, however, imply that they did not exist or that the story is merely a fable. The Sumerian Kings list tells how the gods transferred one of the kings, Kingship, to any ancient city in the same way that it could be transported to any ancient city.

The Ashurbanipal Library, which has several old documents that reference “King Etana,” provided validation of these texts.

Etana was the Sumerian King of Kish, who is recorded in the Sumerian Kings list. He was the heir to Arwium, son of Mashda, following the Great Flood.

Etana is also described in a mysterious list as “the shepherd who climbed to heaven and consolidated all foreign lands.” But it is the length of time he ruled that is most surprising: 1560 years.

Etana was the 13th King of the Kish Dynasty, according to the list. After the great worldwide flood, the first dynasty to rule.

How has it been feasible for a single guy to rule for over 1500 years? What kind of kings were these? Traditional archeology continues to dismiss Etana as a “genuine” person. Nonetheless, the Sumerian texts are exact and allow no space for interpretation.

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