Encounters With Ancient Star People: “They Meant Us No Harm. Grandpa Called Them Our True Ancestors”

“My people speak of Star People who came to us many decades ago,” said Richard Wagamese, one of Canada’s best novelists and storytellers from the Wabaseemoong First Nation in Northwestern Ontario.

The Star People brought spiritual lessons, legends, and maps of the galaxy, which they freely shared. They were gentle, compassionate, and set a good example. My people say there was a loneliness like no other when they left us.”

Stephane Wuttunee, a Plains Cree and French Canadian novelist and storyteller, is another Canadian example. He has stated that his view and comprehension of the ET phenomenon as a Native American and its worldwide ramifications stems from having been nurtured in the culture itself.

He has made it obvious that they “pay significantly more attention to the quest of the spiritual understanding of things.” He’d heard about “distant relations and Star People dwelling among the stars” a lot, mostly around campfires and traditional rites. Star People were nothing to be afraid of; they were just another word I grew up hearing.” (2008, UFO Digest) (This link is no longer active.)

Stories of the Star People are extensively recorded in Native Canadian and Native American legend, and in this article, I will offer a narrative from the writings of Dr. Ardy Clarke, a Cherokee/Choctaw professor emeritus at Montana State University.

For many years, she has been investigating the Star People and gathering encounters between them and Native Americans. She was also informed about the Star People by her family and elders as she grew up.

She’s authored several books about her research. This exact example is from her book:

Encounters with Star People, Untold American Indian Stories

The Plot

In this tale, Clarke chatted with Darren, a man he met through a mutual friend on the Navajo Indian Reservation. Clarke talked with his aunt, who had been informed of his alien encounter.

I am not the first person in my family to encounter the Sky Gods. My grandpa told me of a period when a spaceship arrived in New Mexico and some Indians concealed an extraterrestrial.” Darren stated.

He stated that it occurred. “It was back in the 1940s. It happened about the same period as Roswell.”

My grandpa said that he and his pals stumbled upon the extraterrestrial walking in the desert. They discovered he was one of the Sky Gods and concealed him from government forces. He died, though, and was buried.

I once saw an extraterrestrial. He arrived at my Grandfather’s hogan. I was terrified when I saw him, but I had no idea he was an extraterrestrial at the moment. He was an unknown. I was terrified of strangers. So I dashed inside and alerted my grandfather to the presence of a guy outside. My grandfather strolled outdoors after turning off the burner on his hot plate.

I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I’m sure they were. Then my Grandfather walked in and asked me to accompany him. When I went outside, the alien was leaning against the wall, staring at a little metal item. I reached out for my grandfather’s hand, but he urged me not to worry. He assured her that everything was OK.

He was rather tall. He had a dark complexion. Dark complexion, as well as dark eyes. I’d never seen his hair before. His outfit was dark and form-fitting. He was wearing an unusual pair of boots. The pants had been shoved inside. The toes of the boots were pointy. They were the same shade of blue as the outfit. I’d never seen anything like that before. Gloves covered his hands, and there was some type of covering over his head, like a hood, but it was incredibly tight, like elastic.

He made contact with my granddad. We followed him into the canyon. My granddad came to a halt several times to inspect the footprints. He was going backward. They directed us to a huge vessel on the opposite side of the slope.

“Are you telling me the alien was lost?” Clarke inquired.

That is what my granddad said to me. He was a member of a small exploration expedition. They had split off, and he had gone up one canyon while the others had gone in other places. He was carrying some equipment that was meant to transport him back to the vessel, but it had stopped working. He came to our hogan searching for assistance. My grandfather and I returned him to his trade.

My granddad and I discussed it frequently. When my grandpa narrated stories after that, he would start with ‘it happened before the Star Man or after the Star Man.’ My grandpa stated that there were numerous legends of Star People when he was a child, but this was just the second time he had ever seen one.

He basically talked about how kind they were and how they didn’t do us any harm. Grandpa referred to them as our forefathers. He said that they have been to Earth from the dawn of time. They visit to remind us to maintain everything in balance. He referred to them as seed layers.

“You know,” Darren meant by seed layers. They sent seeds to Earth to see whether they would develop, then returned to check on them.” Darren mistook his grandfather’s meaning for plants, animals, and humans. His grandfather informed him that “they brought animals.”

Clarke then inquires, “Did you come anywhere near the spacecraft?” Darren responded. ” I wanted to, but my grandfather discouraged me. He told me not to touch it.”

It was round. It’s silver, but it’s dull silver. There were no windows at all. There was only a door, and when it closed, you couldn’t tell where it had been.

“Did the other creatures notice you when your grandfather escorted the star man back to the craft?” Clark inquires.

Yes. They came out to say hello to their pal. I watched as he moved his gaze to my grandfather as if introducing him. The other Star Men bowed and remained there for a minute, talking with him, but I couldn’t hear them. When they boarded the ship, my grandfather instructed me to move to a safe distance. Then we watched as the ship rose into the sky.

That was the most incredible thing to me. There is usually dust when the wind blows, but there was no dust when the craft rose off the ground. For some reason, I realized that this was not a regular circumstance. I was already terrified of strangers, but these individuals were not like the people I saw around town. They were distinct. All the way home, I gripped my grandfather’s hand. It seemed safer in some ways.

Darren goes on to say that the Star Man appeared to him twice more when he was considerably older. The last time he saw his grandfather was when he was in his 80s, ailing and in bed.

It was late at night when the Star Man emerged unexpectedly. He approached my grandfather’s bed and knelt over him. He went out after a few moments.

“What did your grandfather say about the meeting?” Clarke inquired.

“Only that the Star Man came to tell they were waiting for him,” Darren said. My grandfather died three days later in the municipal clinic. He informed me only hours before he died that they were coming for him.”

This was the final rendezvous; at the second visit, grandfather handed the Star Man a purse of turquoise stones, which pleased the Star Man.

Clarke dropped by Darren’s mother’s house two years after his grandfather died. Darren invited her to his workshop outdoors.

In the summers, I travel out to Grandfather’s house and labor. When I’m not traveling with art exhibits in the winter, I work here.

“Have you ever seen the Star Man again?” Clarke interjected.

“No, but I know he still comes here,” he said, unlocking the work shed…

I was hoping you’d come back to see me. I have something special for you, but first I must tell you what occurred.

Last summer, I spent approximately a month at my parents’ house. My sister was getting married, and everything was in a state of disarray around here. When I arrived to the hogan, the first thing I noticed was a bag at the doorway of the small workshop I had built for myself years earlier. It belonged to my granddad.

It was the one given to the Star Man by his grandfather.

When I opened it, the turquoise stones slid out. They had been handed to the Star Man by Grandfather. He returned them for whatever reason. I believe that was my grandfather’s way of assuring me that everything was OK with him. I’m at a loss for words.

The Bottom Line

When you delve further into this issue, it leads to a slew of other topics and raises a slew of new questions that are much too numerous to address here. As I constantly say, it genuinely leaves no facet of mankind untouched and is and will significantly impact human awareness. There is still so much we don’t know about ourselves and the universe, and I suppose there are an inconceivable number of worlds out there with an unimaginable number of races conducting star travel.

Hopefully, like the one in this story, the majority of those who are and have visited our planet are kind, but I’m not sure. At the end of the day, I believe that this issue compels mankind to question itself and consider why we live the way we do. We are a race with enormous potential, with the ability to create a human experience in which all life, including the planet itself, may thrive. So, ask yourself why we aren’t doing it. What’s the issue? Why are we doing havoc on our planet?

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