Ecuador Shows the Skeletons of the Ancient Giants Race 7 Times Larger Than The Usual Person

Carlos Miguel Vaca Alvarado, of the parish of the town of Changaiminas, Ecuador, was fascinated all his life regarding archaeology, and this led him to discover a series of various giant human skeletons. The bones were 7 meters high and were located in the Amazon mountains.

Seven parts of the skeleton have been thoroughly analyzed by a variety of scholars who have come to the conclusion that these pieces are part of a human skeleton seven times bigger than a typical modern human being.

According to legend, this area was believed to be the “cemetery of the gods,” and in ancient times it was inhabited by giants. Experts believe that this site is the lost city of the Giants, that many pyramids have been discovered and that their height has reached 80 meters high and 80 meters wide.

About the same time, stone-carved objects were found around the pyramids, which were apparently used for mining. According to historians, this position belonged to an unknown and mysterious pre-Inca culture.

Since a lot of evidence of giant fossils has been found all over the planet, as was the case in Romania a few years earlier, we can deduce that giants have inhabited all regions of the earth.


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