Dyson Sphere May Actually Be Able To Bring Human Beings Back To Life

There is a lot of bizarre subterranean technology available. What we are aware of and perceive is merely a small fraction or percentage of the immense technological innovation that exists in our planet and other worlds. Alien technology significantly outstrips ours. Government technology is also available. They are far more evolved than we can fathom, and there is now talk that there is a machine, a gadget, or a technology that can bring the dead back to life. The sphere is known as the ‘Dyson sphere.’

Alexey Turchin, a Russian “life extensionist,” lost a childhood buddy when he was young. Since then, Alex has committed himself to figuring out how to confer immortality on people in the same manner that Greek gods are immortalized in order for them not to have their lives taken away prematurely.

Alex’s narrative begins with him being extremely close friends with another youngster named Sergey, but tragedy struck one day, turning both boys’ life upside down forever, leaving lasting imprints on who they become today.

And the most recent edition of the transhumanist’s “roadmap to immortality” includes a sci-fi mix of superintelligent AI and Dyson spheres—the hypothetical megastructures that totally enclose stars.

Turchin and colleague transhumanist Maxim Chernyakov explored numerous prospective avenues for immortality in the aftermath of death in a stunning report released lately. The two detail how humans may not only reject their own mortality, but also come back from it using notions ranging from futuristic sci-fi to simple mythology or religious text!

“Death appears to be a permanent occurrence,” the authors write, “but there is no concrete confirmation of its irreversibility.” Furthermore, “although no solution is now practicable, many…may become feasible with future technical improvement.”

The Dyson spheres are shell-shaped solar panels that encircle and absorb the energy of stars. According to the authors, this might be a method to fulfill the power demands of AI without hurting our backs or those green battery banks at Tesla’s assembly line (which we all know isn’t doing so well).

How might mankind go about constructing a fleet of solar-powered ships to explore the cosmos? It’s a notion that has gotten a lot of attention in recent years, but it’s still just that – an idea. However, with superintelligent AI on the horizon,

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