Did NASA Accidentally Found An Ancient Sumerian Statue on Mars?

Hundreds if not thousands of discoveries have already been made on Mars as we know it all through the use of the Curiosity Rover. NASA have sent it out a while ago and ever since it touched the Red Planet’s surface it’s been making insane discovery after insane discovery.

Pictures such as the following one though are amongst the most popular around experts as it clearly appears to showcase quite the anomaly, to say the least.

NASA has proven to follow an agenda with experts hate. They do not care about facts, or proof, they just want to keep us away from the truth by all means.

So, you can only imagine their reaction when the internet blew up over the following picture of an alien statue on Mars.

Many believe that the statue is clearly meant to portray a ruler of the Anunnaki, the ancient civilization that the Sumerians believed in.

You can see that the structure has eyes, a nose, a mouth, and a cone-shaped beard. Many believe that the Sumerians were right all along as there has been much proof of them being too advanced for their own good since the beginning of time.

Did you know that we came across an 800-year-old mobile phone in Austria not too long ago which was used by ancient Sumerians? That’s right, the Sumerians used phones before anyone else out there.

We know that this was meant for Sumerians because the writing was cuneiform which was specifically used by them.

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