David Wilcock Reveals What the Alien Beings Want from Our Planet

Most people believe that the aliens are here to hurt us, experiment on us, and most importantly, completely decimate our race.

But, many people like David Wilcock for example believe that they are here to help us instead.

He believes that they have been actively trying to help us evolve from the early 40s to the early 50s.

They only want us to be able to reach Ascension like they did, which is the mental state of transcending through realities, to the point where we can bounce back from one plane of existence to another with relative ease.

Doing so is not easy though, as it requires an ungodly amount of mental training.

These aliens, according to him, look exactly like humans, as the human model transcends Earth’s design, reappearing all over the universe.

It is the most simple and complex design that the universe has ever created, its ultimate form physically speaking.

So, he believes that we need to listen to these aliens and let them help us ascend and reach enlightenment. Do you believe this is feasible or that it is just the babbles of a crazy wishful man?

Our belief aside, we want to know whether you believe this to be true or not, as anything is possible nowadays, to say the least.

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