Curiosity Rover Recorded a Very Strange UFO With Light Beam On Mars

This discovery comes to us from none other than Scott Waring, the famous virtual archaeologist from UFO Sightings Daily. He’s singlehandedly made some of the world’s greatest virtual discoveries and he’s never been wrong before.

So, you can already tell that people were shocked to hear that he came up with new proof of a mysterious light beam being spotted by NASA’s Curiosity Rover.

Doug Ellison from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory disagrees with him, stating that this was not an instance of aliens or anything of that sort, that it was just a cosmic ray hitting Curiosity, nothing more and nothing less.

Scott retaliated by saying that if this were a cosmic ray then it would have damaged the rover and left it incapacitated but as we know by now the rover is still standing, circling around the Kimberly outcropping as we speak.

He even addressed the theories that state that this is just a trick of the light, stating that you can clearly see that the light is flat on the ground, which is proof enough that it landed.

What do you think? Do you think this is a good discovery or is it a blunder?

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