Contactee Claims That Our Moon Is Actually An Artificial Structure Brought Here By Alien Beings

A new statement was recently issued by yet another contactee that allegedly established contact with an alien race. His name is Alex Collier and according to him, he was taken to their ship where he was told a lot of the world’s secrets including some very important facts about our own reality as we know it.

He spoke of how this race of aliens told him that the Moon as we know it is not real, that it was actually constructed by another race of aliens that brought it next to our planet in ancient times to spy on us. This sudden event caused the flooding that occurred in ancient times on our planet.

He stated that the race of aliens wasn’t sure which aliens actually brought the Moon, to begin with, claiming that it was either the Grey aliens or the Reptilians most likely as they have the most involvement with our planet.

He talked about this in great detail alongside Job Robinson. They both claim to be contactees and to have talked to the same alien colony on their ship.

Check out the following video and let us know if you think this is legit or not.

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