Colossal Megaliths at Yangshan Quarry – Who Built Them?

Most ancient civilizations seem to have had a passion for constructing massive behemothic structures that have even outlasted them, to say the least.

We can still see this to this very day, as even nowadays we still tend to prefer to build our structures based on the “bigger is better” concept.

We love our towers; we love our monuments and we’ve always wanted to build as many of them as we could.

We can find them all around the globe and most of them are so old in fact that we cannot even tell who built them, to begin with.

Take for example these megaliths from the Yangshan Quarry of all places. You can see the fact that they are so huge that we couldn’t even lift them to this day let alone in ancient times.

Just picture not having access to modern-day technology and trying to think of a way to lift these stone blocks that weigh hundreds if not thousands of tons each.

Most believe that this quarry wasn’t actually finished as they were all forced to leave the place as a result of a cataclysm that took the lives of everyone around.

So, we cannot tell who built them or for what reason. We cannot even tell you what they were meant to look like as they’re unlike anything we’ve ever seen around the globe.

Could it be aliens all along? Most likely. Who else could it be? Check out the following video and let us know what you think.

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