Climbers Discovered A Prehistoric Stone Age Cave Man Frozen In The Himalayas

Two climbers from Sweden and Norway were passing through the Himalayas Mountains and attempting to reach the mountain’s summit when they unexpectedly entered one of the mountain’s secret tunnels when an avalanche started to fall all around them.

Continuing further, deeper into the cave, the two travelers eventually came into something seemed to be the ʀᴇмᴀιɴs of a frozen caveman, dating back to the Old Stone Age, who lived between 2.33 and 1.44 million years ago.

As far as our knowledge can stretch, the man was a notable figure in the Gelasian Pleistocene period, having been part of the numerous Homo habilis that occupied the globe during the period. A couple of forged spears and what seemed to be numerous blemished leather items were also found next to the body.

The discovery surprised a lot of people because the мs was preserved so well right up to its discovery. Even though the corpse is from prehistoric times, it has enough humidity and cold inside the cave to be preserved in a cryostasis, which is why it hasn’t suffered much harm.

Of course, the corpse won’t be returning any time soon, contrary to what is frequently shown in films with a similar premise. Nevertheless, this exploration has given us the information we need to discover the truth about the frozen humanoids that once lived on Earth millions of years ago.

In contrast to how such situations are sometimes portrayed in movies, this finding does enable us to learn more about the frozen humanoids who once roamed our globe millions of years ago.


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