Cleopatra VII – The Art of Persuasion Through Seduction

Known as the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, Cleopatra was definitely an impressive pharaoh, to say the least as despite the fact that the Egyptian empire was crumbling in front of her own two eyes she still managed to keep it together for a good 21 years before she was eventually forced to end herself on August the 12th, 30 BC.

Her story is quite all over the place, as there are hundreds of iterations of what could have possibly led to this in the first place. Her stories live on through the Egyptian folklore, as to this day she is believed to have used her persuasion skills to control everyone she ever came into contact with.

She is known for her relationship with Julius Caesar and Marc Antony, to which Even Shakespeare decided to write a whole story about, depicting their romances and what lead to the demise of Cleopatra in the first place.

Although, as we mentioned previously, the Egyptian Empire was fumbling around, breaking piece by piece, Cleopatra still managed to keep it together for as long as she could by aligning herself with Julius Caesar for the sake of perpetuating the Egyptian empire as a whole.

But, if you know the story this didn’t end all that well as it soon became quite clear that this wasn’t going to work out anymore, leading directly to the downright macabre ending that we all know of already.
She is known as the stunningly beautiful seductress of the Egyptian Empire that used her charm to bring men on their knees in an instant.

She is most popular for being amongst the prettiest women of all time and throughout her reign, she was venerated by both her people and her enemies, as everyone appeared to want to be with her during her reign.

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