Clear Evidence That The Lost Continent Of Lemuria Really Existed In Ancient Times

Many stories tell of the sunken continent of Lemuria, which spanned from India to Australia. This ancient land, like Atlantis, vanished under unexplained reasons tens of thousands of years ago.

Geologists’ evidence suggests that this continent was split due to rising sea levels near the end of the Mesozoic epoch.

In a study, scientists in India revealed that the water level was a hundred meters lower 14,000 years ago, then gradually ascended as a result of global warming until it covered a large portion of the landmass, resulting in the extinction of many coastal civilizations such as Lemuria and Kumari Kandam.

We now have advanced technology at our disposal, making the finding of ruins on this continent appear to be a simple undertaking; yet, the bottom of the ocean is a hospital with regular transformations caused by volcanic activity, earthquakes, and erosion.

We may never see the ruins of ancient Lemuria, but tales about it will continue to travel the world in this new information age.


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