Captured Alien Being Communicates With KGB Agent Using Telepathy, Asked For Help

The video was shot by a former KGB agent. This agent was tasked with recording an investigation, and this is what he received.

He traveled to a secret underground base, and once there, he discovered many locked doors. There were several weird sounds of unidentified creatures, according to him.

As a result, he eventually entered the room where the extraterrestrial was being held.

The folks around him gave him protection garments and informed him that he was in no danger.

When he arrived at the alien, he could hear the alien’s voice in his thoughts pleading with him to call his superior and remove him – the alien – out of the prison where he was being held.

Remember the Extraterrestrial Interview from the Blue Book Project? The captured alien was afraid, and it was presumably harmed by the base’s employees. Imagine how he felt when he was taken on another planet.

These beings may be us from the future, and given that we reverse-engineered their technology, we should treat them with respect.

This is accompanied by a video, which can be found below. At 8:30 p.m., you’ll see the alien.


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